High School

High school opens up opportunities for most young people to go into further education. Commerce has been trending as one of the most opted subjects by students after class X as it offers lucrative jobs after graduation. It is equally important to be dedicated to the study of commerce.

Your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that zone.
― Rashedur Ryan Rahman


Graduation level helps aspirants to be able to take up challenging job assignments in Accounting, Finance, Marketing or General Aptitude job openings. It is also helpful for further studies such as M.Com, M.B.A, CFA, ICWA, ICAI, ICS etc. Earning B.com degree is evidence of persistence, determination, and the ability to handle dynamic environments all of which are sought after qualities for individuals filling manager and director positions. After completing B.Com student have vast choice in different fields where they can explore their inner talent.

College Entrance

The entrance exam has various scopes since it provide chance of forming well-built educational foundation in present competitive market. The main purpose of conducting entrance exam is to judge the student ability, sharpness, knowledge etc. The aptitude of the student is tested in entrance exam. Apart from entrance also look at many parts of your application besides your test scores, such as your High school grades, High school courses, Extra-curricular activities, Recommendation letters, Application essays. Each college has its own policy. Some colleges, including more-selective colleges, may place a high level of importance on test scores — within the context of the other parts of your application

Professional Entrance

Over the years, the Chartered Accountancy profession has achieved rapid growth by virtue of quality professional services being rendered by its members, and has come to occupy a prominent role in our economy and society. A Company Secretary is • An expert in Company Law, Corporate and Securities Laws • Avital link between the company and stakeholders, conscience seeker of the company. Compliance officer of the company, corporate planner and strategic manager. An in house legal counsel. A CMA is a person who offers to perform services involving the costing, pricing of goods and services or carries out the preparation, verification or certification of cost accounting and related statements. The role and importance of cost accountants has increased manifold on account of growing competition in the corporate sector

Development Courses

A learning and development plan acts as a road map for employees and helps to support their career and personal development. It helps you improve your performance and helps you meet your goals. Building new skills makes an individual more efficient or capable of handling different responsibilities and challenges. It closes any gaps in your knowledge and offers you the ability to complete basic work tasks on our own. he training strengthens your confidence because you have a deeper understanding of your role and responsibilities to perform even better and think of new ideas that help you excel. Individuals with access to development programs have the edge over others.