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Class 12 Accountancy Previous Year Marking Scheme

Accountancy previous years

A subject’s marking scheme is the Accountancy previous years answer key, which contains the step-by-step marking of each answer. Based on this marking scheme, the CBSE evaluates the students’ answer sheets. The marking scheme specifies the general weightage of marks for the board exam. The marking scheme is a systematic division of marks based on Units or Chapters. It includes the type of questions that will be asked from each unit/chapter, as well as how many marks each unit/chapter will carry.

Going through them will give students an idea of which units will be asked for how many marks in the board exam. Knowing this allows students to more effectively plan their studies and prepare for the 12th board exam. 

Here we’re providing Class 12 Accountancy 2020 Marking Scheme to help students in understanding answer writing skills from an exam perspective and will assist them in scoring high marks. 

click here to download Class 12 Accountancy 2020 Marking Scheme

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