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Class XII Macroeconomics Government Budget Handwritten Notes

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that deals with the behaviour and performance of an economy as a whole. We provide handwritten notes for Class 12 Macroeconomics Chapter 5 Government Budget written by Ashish Sir, a professional with over ten years of experience. These notes assist students in covering all relevant and important topics. These will help you understand difficult concepts and will help you in complex topics. in order to help you retain the most information possible quickly, the notes for the 12th business studies give you a thorough summary of the whole chapter.

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A government budget is a country’s year-long financial report explaining item-wise calculations of future revenue and expenditure. The budget explains the income and expense of a nation. The 12th Macroeconomics Chapter 5 notes provide a comprehensive summary of the entire chapter to help you retain as much information as possible.

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