Company Secretary Examination June 2024

Company Secretary Examination June 2024


EXAMINATION TIMING : 09:00 AM to 12:15* PM

Welcome aspiring company secretaries! You have entered a world where professional success is achieved by careful planning and strategic preparation. Following exam schedules is not only essential but also essential to success in the rapid field of corporate governance. We are starting our trip today to understand every detail of the updated exam schedule for candidates for company secretary positions.

Importance of Examination

The updated exam schedule is more than only a calendar; it represents the commitment and discipline that characterize the work of a company secretary. Keeping up with exam dates and syllabus becomes essential in an area where accuracy matters and regulations are always changing. The updated schedule serves as an important foundation, assuring that applicants stay current with requirements and achievements while they pursue certification.


This blog aims to explain the significance of the updated schedule for the Company Secretary exam, providing candidates with a thorough understanding of its development, consequences, and strategic importance. We cover every aspect, from creating efficient study schedules to comprehending the reasoning behind revisions, in order to provide you, the reader, with the information and resources required to successfully go through this crucial stage of your career development.

Our Goal 

Come along on this educational journey with us, where every discovery we make moves us one step closer to becoming experts in the subject of company secretarial practice. Let’s work together to simplify the complex details, interpret the complex meanings, and create a plan for passing the Company Secretary exams. Your road ahead will lead you towards a future where excellence is a way of life rather than merely a goal, and it promises to be as gratifying as it is fulfilling.

Company Secretary Examination June 2024 – TIME TABLE

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